1006288_497749630300918_1719715193_nWhen do we have choice, and when is it taken away from us.

People say that our lives reflect the sum of all the choices we make.  They say wrong decisions lead to negative outcomes.  This is true, to certain extent. What happens when our ability to choose, or make the right decision is removed, or obscured by some, or other reason.  What reasons can there be?  We always have the ability of choice right? A lot of people in difficult circumstances have risen above, what was expected of them, through making the right choices.  In my opinion this is the exception not the rule.

I myself come out of a good family, I’ve had a good education, and I had lack of nothing.  I had a lot of opportunities to make something out of my life, but through wrong choices I made, I ended up a drug addict. True, I made the wrong choices, but how many of these choices I made was really, my choice?  Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to make excuses for my actions, or denying responsibility.  I also don’t want to give others excuses to use for making the wrong decisions.  I only want to shed light on a subject I have been thinking about.

In all aspects of my life, even before addiction I have always made impulsive decisions.  Only recently I have discovered why.  All my life I always felt, restless, not content of where I am.  I seldom completed what I started, and I got bored quickly, at any work environment.  It never incurred to me that, mentally there could be something wrong, that there could be an imbalance in my brain.  When I got clean from drugs (almost 3 months ago), I went to a Psychiatric hospital to detox.  For the first time in my life, I saw as Psychiatrist.  She diagnosed me with ADHD at the age of 30.  I always thought this was a childhood disease.  Not so.  When she explained the symptoms of the disorder to me, it all started making sense to me. The impulsiveness, the loss of interest in the workplace, the lack of structure in my life.  The forgetfulness. The daydreaming.  When I started reading about Adult ADHD, and other peoples stories who had it, I saw my life, myself.

I am currently on ADHD medication, and I can truly say my life has changed.  The medication in conjunction with CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) has greatly reduced all the symptoms of the disorder.  The human brain is a very complex organ. The part of the brain where the decision making process takes place (the frontal cortex) is directly influenced by other parts of the brain. If there’s an imbalance in other parts of the brain, how can the frontal cortex be expected to function correctly?  How can we therefore be expected to make the right choices?

Choice is therefore, in my opinion, and in my experience more than what society perceives.  It isn’t as easy as everybody thinks. Again I am not saying that we should blame our bad decisions purely on medical reasons.  I simply suggest that we should look deeper at why we made the choices we made, and not judge other people on the ones they had made.

So I ask you question.  When does choice fail us, or when do we fail it?

  1. About choice and if it fail us or we fail it, that’s a very good question as far as what I have experience for myself, I would love to believe that I have learned from what ever choice I have made, so from looking at that point I would have to believe that free will of choice has not fail like in your case it seems it has not.

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