Allot of recovering addict feel ashamed by all the things that they have done in the past.  I can’t believe all the terrible things I’ve done, just to get another gram.  We normally hurt the people that’s closest to us the most.  All thoughts, or feelings of morality goes out the window when we use. 

In recovery we need to deal with all these negative emotions.  This is also one of the major reasons why we relapse.  We aren’t used to feel this way.  The substance numbed the pain.  That’s why we should leave THAT life behind.  We must accept the fact that, yes we did all those things, we can’t change it.  The only thing we can change is how we live life from now on.  Do you know how fortunate we are to be clean?  It is our mission in life to show addicts that there is hope, there is life after substance abuse.  We need to show the world, that recovery is possible.  We need to rid the world of the stigma connected to substance abuse, and drug addicts.

We have been there, we know what hell it is to be trapped, and out of control. We need to show the addicts that there is people that actually care about them.  People who doesn’t judge them.  We need to take a stand against drugs.  Not out of force, but by love.  We need to get fathers back to their homes, mothers of the street, and kids out of gangs.  We can change society. We can bring values, and morals back to society.  You know why?  Because we know how it feels like to have none, we know how it feels like to be judged.  We don’t take things for granted.  We know how it feels like to have no hope.  We know how it feels like to have nothing. 

Society can learn from us what’s important in life, things they have forgot, things they take for granted.  Family, Love, and caring for each other.  These things are the most important.  It’s not about what you have in life that matters, it’s about giving.  I’m not just talking about money.  Give advice, show love to the lost and broken.  Give people hope.  We need to inspire people. 

Recovery is our chance to give back.  To bring healing not just to ourselves, but to others out there.  Just imagine how we can change the world, one small step at a time.  One person at a time, one family at a time, one neighbourhood at a time etc.  Let’s start today, For tomorrow can be too late for someone out there.


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