The question on is addiction a disease, or a choice has been won by the disease argument with proven scientific, and medical facts.  “Addiction starts out as a choice, and ends up as a disease”

I think there is more to addiction than just the medical facts.  Our knowledge of the brain is still very limited, although recent discoveries have shown us that substances have a huge impact on the reward/pleasure system in the brain.  “Addiction fits the disease model perfectly. Organ – Midbrain, Defect – Pleasure/Reward system, and the Symptoms – Craving, impaired thinking, etc.” Therefore we can safely say that addiction is a disease.  There are allot of medications available to treat the symptoms, but there are no cures, no quick fixes.

Although major breakthroughs have been made in treatment of addiction, we are still a very long way of, curing this disease.  Are we missing something? Isn’t there a better way to prevent people from getting addicted in the first place?  The current educational drug awareness programs fail miserably.  All that they point out how drugs are bad for you.  How it effects our health etc. In a society surrounded by drugs, and alcohol, children, and teens are bombarded with images of celebrity’s going to court for using drugs, or alcohol.  Advertisements on the latest prescription drugs on the market, and don’t forget the alcohol advertisements showing everybody having a good, carefree time.

Why would the youth, listen to educational videos, and speakers when at home, and on the internet, the exact opposite is shown.  When drinking, and drugging makes it easier to fit into a crowd, and give you acceptance, why not do it?  The youth is under so much pressure, from all there social networks, and school, and friends.  I’m not even speaking at the pressure at home, with parents, or siblings.

Their Idols are shown partying, and having fun.  They seem to have little consequences for their actions, and it seems that their lives aren’t influenced badly at all. Which we know isn’t true, but that is how it’s portrayed in the media. 

Children, and teens don’t have the ability to make quality, informed decisions. We all know this. When our kids get addicted, we all ask why.  Later on, they may go to prison, overdose etc. People label them as drug addicts, and the scum of society. How quickly we forget how we were at that age. Susceptible to allot of things, all the wrong choices we made.

I don’t know the solution to this problem.  I don’t even know where to begin.  Is there even a solution?  All I am trying to say is, we should stop judging addicts, and realize that addiction is a disease, created by a bad choice, stemming out of the Society we live in.         

  1. It goes just a bit deeper than addiction being a, “disease” and there is a cure. It worked for me and I promote how it was accomplished after having a 15 year crack cocaine addiction. If it worked for me, certainly others can, too. However, due to your searching, your comments today are worth posting onto my own website which deals in the same subject. Have a great day.

    • dekookert says:

      Hi There. Thanks for posting a link to y blog onto your website. I am not going to argue about “a disease” or “religion” or a cure. Religion is one of the many tools there are out there to overcome, or manage addiction. I still think there is no easy answer out there to overcome addiction. What may have worked for you, may or may not work for me. I have tried allot of ways to fight this disease. I have failed allot, and for the first time in my life, I have found a way that works for me. Researching, and understanding of how the brain works. How substances influence the very, nature of the thinking and thought processes of the human mind etc. I wish you the best of luck, and keep up the good work helping other addicts

  2. […] A Symptom of Society ( […]

    • Great to hear from you. And, “you’re welcome” regarding posting your link. It’s relative to what my point is. I will say this in passing, I never talk about “religion”. Religion is man’s search for God. I know Him–personally! And I can tell you this, He’s never failed anyone wanting total recovery from any and all addictions. Best wishes to you, my fellow former addict. Let’s keep reaching the many who are still, “out there”.

      • dekookert says:

        Hi. We need to reach out to as many addicts, as possible. We need to show them, that there actually are people out there that care. We need to show them love, not judgement. We need to show them forgiveness, not revenge, and we need to show them, no matter what there circumstances are, at the moment, there is always hope. Best Wishes to you to 🙂

      • Thank you. May God continual to bless us as we share this hope with others. You made my day!

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