We always underestimate the power of suggestion.  Just by saying a word, or a phrase at the right time, and reinforcing it with certain techniques, and gestures could change a person’s way they act, and react to circumstances later on.

I watched a show last night, where complete, non-religious Atheist had a full blown conversion experience, by suggestion.  God wasn’t mentioned once. Certain psychological techniques were used, to plant feelings of love, empathy, sympathy etc. She described what she felt was “Supernatural”, and remember this women is a stem cell scientist with no religious beliefs what so ever.  She was still confused a week later, and only when the presenter explained to her what happened was her mind put to ease.

Placebos is another form of suggestion.  A lot of patients has unknowingly benefited from taking placebos for certain medical conditions. After they were informed that they had in fact taken a placebo, the positive result remained.

The result of how powerful suggestion is speak for themselves. Now what if we can train ourselves, by certain cues, or reminders to evoke a positive response every time we start to crave, or when we get over emotional?

I have come to realize that the human mind is a vast undiscovered place, a place where anything is possible. The human psyche is open to all forms of suggestion. The positive, and the negative.  There is still a lot more we need to understand, and learn about the human mind, and consciousness. I believe that, once we understand the mind, we will understand ourselves, and once we understand ourselves, all the questions regarding what makes us human will be answered.

At the moment we are controlled by our mind, not the other way around.        


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