Suggestion the Great Part II

Posted: September 8, 2013 in Addiction/Recovery, Psychology
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Suggestion has been a powerful tool used by media corporations, and advertising firms from the start.  Certain queues, and images to activate the sub-conscious mind have been used to market products, or services without the knowledge of the public.  Repetition, and positive reinforcement are two key issues here.    

The same centres of the brain activated in the brain of an addict is also activated in adverts.  It is very hard to control our impulses to something once our brain has made a positive connotation to something.  It is usually not the company with the best product out there that is successful, but the one with the biggest budget set towards their marketing, and advertising department.

It is therefore imperative that the recovering addict makes as many changes as possible to his way of life once he gets out of rehab.  That means new friends, new hobbies etc.  One word from a friend, even driving past a place where he used before can trigger an onset of a craving.

We need to become aware when we see, or hear a suggestion, because suggestion mainly works on the sub-conscious mind, and we are not immediately aware of it before it’s too late. When you train yourself to become aware, and think about the suggestion in your conscious mind, then and only then will you be able to control your thought process.

Now how do you train yourself?  This is how I started, and it may sound stupid but it worked for me, and made me allot more aware of my surroundings, and thought processes.  I started to look for brands in movies, and television shows.  Actively look for them. It’s well known that products are advertised in movies, and that only certain brands are shown. Only the brands of companies that gave an X amount towards the production of a movie.

Now how did this help me? Well by actively becoming aware of the marketing I could think about it and put a stop to the thought of the brand then, and there.  I trained my mind to think what I wanted to think about.  Now I have the ability to speak to someone, or see something, and immediately recognise, a trigger and deal with it. 

To act out of logic, and not out of, impulse, or emotion is a direct result. When I feel angry, I know the reason, when I get agitated, I know the reason.  The sense of control is empowering to say the least.  I still have a long way to go, to completely control my mind, and thought processes, but dealing with suggestion has been a major step for me.

Like anything in life this doesn’t come easy, but it’s well worth it.

Suggestion the Powerful, not anymore. I am in charge now. I have taken control back.  


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