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Being a recovering addict is a blessing for me.  The disease keeps me humble, it shows me my strengths and weaknesses.

I am thankful for everyday that I am clean.  I became a much wiser person whilst battling this disease.  I have learnt to be humble, I have learnt to forgive, and most of all I have learnt to be thankful.  I have seen things, experienced things few people have.  I have learnt to look past the outside of a person, and look into their heart.  Everybody wants a sense of belonging, and acceptance.  Everyone needs love. 

We live in a broken world. People are being used, and things are loved.  Addiction is one of the ways to escape the harsh realities of life. But addiction also enslaves us. It takes away our homes and, loved ones.  It takes away our soul. Addiction is a lie. It gives us a false sense of security.  Addiction gives us a false sense of belonging, and acceptance. Addiction brings likeminded individuals together.  For the first time we are accepted, by others.  This makes us think that we are right, and society is wrong.  We believe that we are a minority group fighting for equal rights, with the majority.

Everything unravels fairly quickly.  After a while addiction isolates us. After we alienate our loved ones, and others that truly care for us, our new so called friends also disappear. That leaves us alone, and feeling hopeless.  We try to use more drugs, to try and take away the pain.  Which only brings on more, and more misery in our lives.  It’s a spiral with only three outcomes.  Death, incarceration, and if we are of the lucky few, rehab or institution.  Every time we relapse we get back into the spiral of death.  ‘’insanity is trying to do the same thing over, and over and expecting a different result’’.

Now in Recovery I see things differently. Other things are more important to me.  Not things, but people. My heart goes out to addicts.  I know there pain.  I understand their plight. I see the person behind the addiction.  No one wants to be addicted.  No one wants to be distrusted, and labelled by society.  No one wants to be slaves, and out of control.  The lost needs to be shown hope, love and, forgiveness.  Not hate, and rejection.

Addiction taught me valuable lessons in life.  Although it all came at great cost, I believe it has made me a better person.  I am going to give back to society.  I want to share my story with others, and maybe just, maybe.  Others can find hope again.  In themselves, and others.       


hopeRemember there is always hope.

All of us hope for something better. Better relationships, better career etc.  That’s the nature of humankind, we will always try to better ourselves.  We will always search for answers to unanswered questions.  To Explore, to discover new places, and things.  We learn to adapt.  We must, or we will die.

Then why would we choose to take drugs.  We all know it will be detrimental to our health.  We all know that it destroys families, relationships, and our ability to perform well at our place of employment.  Something fundamentally must be wrong in our decision making process.  Something must be wrong with us at genetic level.

Drugs and alcohol has been with humankind since the beginning, and so it will always be. If I rationally think about it, our genes would have changed.  I know that not everybody that take drugs get addicted to it.  The same could be said about cancer for example.  Not everybody gets cancer.  Some get it and recover, others don’t.  As any other disease the genes for addiction is carried over, from parents to child. In my life for example my great grandfather was an alcoholic. So was my grandfather, and my uncle.  My father doesn’t drink because he knows that there is a great chance of him becoming one.  I drank allot, used drugs, and became addicted.

Studies have shown that up to 60% of the problem of addiction is related to genes.  Yes I chose to start using, but I didn’t choose to get addicted.  I also chose to stop.  Although it’s hard, and I crave every day. I want to be better, I want to have a better life.  I work at recovery on a daily basis. I know I have a disease.  I know what, and what not to do to manage it.  It’s the same for the diabetic.  They know what diet to follow, and when to take their insulin to manage their disease.

Genes alone is not the only reason for the disease of addiction to take hold, but it lets the disease progress faster. The good news is when we get addicted, and recover, those genes are also passed on to our children. Although we passed on the genes of addiction, we also passed on the genes of our sobriety.  We passed on the genes to adapt.

Addiction is a terrible disease yes, but it also teaches us to find hope in difficult circumstances. It teaches us to be humble, it teaches us to be thankful. It teaches us to adapt more quickly, and most importantly it teaches us not to judge, and look down on other people. It gives us more understanding, of the thing that are most important in life, love of others, not things.

No matter how dark your life seems to be, remember there is always hope.  Be Blessed